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July 22nd, 2016

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Climbing Plants for Cool Climate Gardens

Why is it that gardeners living in warm climates hanker after climbing plants that only really do well in cooler districts and those gardeners living in those frosty areas, want to grow climbing plants with big leaves and big flowers that belong in warmer regions of Australia?

 Sometimes we can’t help falling in love with some plants and the desire can be overwhelming. This week’s offerings are no exception. 

Clematis display at Chelsea Flower Show photo M Cannon


This week it’s about climbers that are suited for a cool temperate climate, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t grow them wherever you are. 

Let’s find out. I'm talking with Glenice Buck, Consulting Arborist and Landscape Designer.

Deciduous climbers work well in cooler climates of Australia.

The Clematis display at the Chelsea Flower show is so spectacular that you can’t help but want to grow them. 

1-Clematis2.jpgDid you know that Clematis (KLEM-uh-tis) is a genus of flowering plants native to China and Japan belonging to the Ranunculus family? 

There are other plants that are also sometimes known as “Old Man’s Beard,” which in this case gets its name from the long fluffy seed heads that look like an old man’s beard.

 They are known to be vigorous growers, but there are a few shrubs that won’t grow more than 1 ½ metres. 

Some plants are deciduous, while others are evergreen.


normally has a soft papery type leaf.

The size of the flowers and leaves will vary amongst Cultivars.  The flowers are in a wide range of colours.  shades of lilac, pinks, purple, white…..amazing flowers. They do like a sheltered spot in full sun with roots in cool and well-mulched soil.


 Glenice also recommends, 

Ornamental Grape (Vitis vinifera) and

Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis and Wisteria floribunda)



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