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July 24th, 2015

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Talking with Steve Falcioni, General Manager

Why do plants' leaves turn various shades of yellow?

DSC_1981.JPGYellowing leaves on your plant can be confusing, frustrating and even annoying if you don’t know what the cause is.


You’re plant could be in a container or in the ground, and during the colder months, those yellow leaves seem to become more prominent.

One of the reasons your plant's leaves may be turning yellow is because all leaves have a limited life-span, and just before they drop, the nutrients are pulled out of the leaf turning it yellow.


But what about other problems?

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If the new leaves are paler but the old leaves are still a bright green, it's generally a sign of nutrient deficiency.

If the veins are distinctly green and the space between the veins is yellow, then it's probably iron chlorosis or iron deficiency.


Did you know that iron deficiency is pretty common in acid loving plants such as roses, fruit trees, camellias and even vegetables.

In this case the young leaves are yellow and the veins are green.

Magnesium deficiency on the other hand is more common in citrus as well as camellias and vegetables. Again acid loving plants.

It can be confusing because there’s a third deficiency that looks like a worst cause iron deficiency caused by not enough zinc and manganese

However, there are a range of products you can buy to fix these deficiencies.

If you have any questions about yellowing leaves and are not sure what the problem is, why not email or write in to 2RRR P.O. Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675.



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