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June 28th, 2015

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with Karen Smith  editor and Jeremy Critchley nursery owner

Yellow Cottonwood Tree 

Talipariti tiliaceum syn Hibiscus tiliaceus .


Would you like a small tree in your garden with beautiful heart shaped leaves and lemony yellow hibiscus like flowers with a maroon centre?

Better still, if you like butterflies, the leaves are the food plant for the larval stages of the Common Oakblue Butterfly.


Gnarly trunk of mature Talipariti tiliaceum syn. Hibiscus tiliaceus

Commonly found growing on beaches, by rivers and in mangrove swamps. Sea Hibiscus is well adapted to grow in coastal environment in that it tolerates salt and waterlogging and can grow in quartz sand, coral sand, marl, limestone, and crushed basalt.

Like some other plants in the Malvaceae or mallow family, the flowers change colour as they age, turning dull orange or reddish by the time they fall.


In winter there may be few or no flowers in mild-tropical or subtropical climates, but the flowers may remain on the tree for more than a single day

Talipariti tiliaceum Rubra

Yellow Cottonwood  or Hibiscus tiliaceus is a fast-growing tree which is best suited to landscaping, although it can be kept in containers if properly pruned and potted up as necessary. It can be also grown successfully as a bonsai.

This plant prefers full sun but can be grown indoors if placed by a window where it can get as much sun as possible, preferably in the morning, although it may be very difficult to get flowers indoors.

For something different why not tree  Bronze cottonwood that has the same yellow flowers but deep red foliage.

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