Real World Gardener with Design Elements for a Rocky Garden

May 7th, 2013

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Design Elements

with Landscape Designer, Louise McDaid

Rocky gardens can be good if you’ve
got places to use that rock to build dry stone walls, but for some gardeners,
the rocks aren’t much good.

I know of one gardener who ended
up using an old bed spring to sift the rocks out his garden. That’s determined.
Let’s find out how to garden in a
rocky garden?
You can put your rocks to advantage
by using them creatively in the garden, with dry stone walls, gabions-we know
now they’re wire baskets filled with rock, or just a simple rock garden.

Of course we can build a reptile friendly area with rocks for those cold blooded creatures to bask on!

It may take a bit of time and effort
to do that. In the meantime grow your plants in pots, troughs, in fact any old
thing. When an area is ready for planting you’ve got yourself an instant garden
when you plant out your potted plants.

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