Real World Gardener Why We Need Worm Farms in Living Planet

February 15th, 2017

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How To Look After Your Worm Farm? Getting Started.


Still not convinced about worm farms?

StartWormFarm.jpgWell did you know that in one worm, there is around 474, 075 million bacteria ?

These bacteria do an incredibly important job – mainly making minerals available to your plants.

From the reference “Earthworms in Australia’, by David Murphy,

When compared to the parent soil (the original soil), worm castings (the worm’s poo) have approximately:


7 times the available phosphorous: 6 times the available nitrogen

3 times the available magnesium: 2 times the available carbon

1.5 times the available calcium

So which worms go best in worm farms?

Let’s find out. I'm talking with Sophie Goulding, environment project officer with a local council.


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Worms like to be kept moist and covered because they're Sensitive to light.

Keep your worm farm in a shady spot so that they don't overheat and on hot days, give them a sprinkle of water.


worms hate light.

The worms don’t create the minerals out of thin air but change their form from insoluble to soluble by digesting them.

That’s reason enough to get into worm farming.

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