Real World Gardener Why Some Plants Do Not Last in Design Elements

August 16th, 2015

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Why Don't Plants Last with Louise McDaid, Landscape Designer.

Have you ever bought a plant thinking or knowing that it’s not suited to your climate?

You’ve said to yourself that you’ll create a micro-climate, or you’ll give it a go in a pot next to a north facing wall so it gets reflected heat.

Or you’ll protect it from freezing winters by remember to cover it with a blanket of some sort.















Perhaps it’s a plant that you grew up with in a colder climate and now that you’ve moved to somewhere more temperate or tropical, you want to try and grow it.


Perhaps this plant of yours evokes all sorts of memories, or the flowers have that special colour, so you give it a go anyway.

Did you know that lavender isn’t frost tolerant? I would never have thought because I’m sure my father grew Lavender in his Mt Gambier home.

But perhaps it had a microclimate?


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