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August 21st, 2019

Plant Doctor

Why Seeds Fail.

Some say that rules are meant to be broken but in the instance of seed sowing, I say these rules are meant to be adhered to.



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Are you the type of gardener that breaks rules such as the first rule?

The first rule when it comes to sowing seed, is to sow at the correct times of the year for your district. 

But there are plenty of other reasons why seeds fail.

Let’s find out why? I'm talking with Steve Falcioni from

There are quite a few good reasons why seeds can fail for example, some seeds are more sensitive to temperatures and refuse to budge if it’s not within their preferred range. 


Seeds that are old or have been stored incorrectly, say in your garden shed which heats up to over 30 Celsius in summer. 

Seeds drying out if planted too shallowly, or running out of energy because they’re planted to deeply.

Some seeds need darkness to germinate, like pansies, but others need light to germinate. Lettuce need light, for success with these seeds, just press the seeds into the soil surface.

Good drainage for great success, eg cactus and lithop seeds need excellent drainage.

This can mean if they’re sitting in the soil longer, there’s more chance of them rotting off.

So apart from old seeds, the main reasons belong in the environmental category.

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