Real World Gardener Why Garden Designs Go Bad?

March 16th, 2014

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with Jason Cornish, landscape designer.
Plants are a living thing, and as much as we like to think of never having to sweep up leaves, prune, hedge, clip would be great.

Let’s be real, unless you want plastic plants, there’s always going to be some sort of maintenance in your garden.

So why do some garden designs not live up to expectations?

Let’s find out what this is all about.


So it seems that formal gardens, whether traditional or contemporary, or those gardens which are quite structured are the ones the need the most upkeep.

That means trimming, pruning, hedging, mowing, fertilising, raking leaves.
In fact, all gardens need some sort of maintenance even if you've only got a square of lawn and a pot plant.

1-THR_1051_930.JPGYou have to mow that lawn, water and fertilise it. Same goes for that pot plants.

No sorry, a square of astro turf does not classify as having a garden.

The next problem is trying to squeeze too many plants into the available space.
Problems arise from plants crowding each other out, then having to be removed.

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