Real World Gardener White Browed Scrub Wren is Wildlfie In Focus

February 28th, 2014

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with ecologist Sue Stevens

Are you like many people from all over Australia when visiting botanic gardens, like to know what birds they can find there?

Pictures are one thing, but sometimes little birds, are quite cryptic.

You might hear their song, but spotting them is another matter.

It helps to know a few different calls in case you can’t at first spot the bird and RWG has been describing and playing the calls of different birds for over three years.

Listen to this…..

  • Just remember if you come across a habitat pocket, that is, an area of vegetation which is being used by small birds, it should be protected - even if it is 100% weeds.

  • It needs to be protected until alternative native plant habitat has been created and has been seen to be in use by the small birds for at least an entire year, including a breeding season.
  • Perhaps call the bushcare officer at your local council if your concerned.

If you have any questions about the white Browed Scrub Wren, why not drop us a line to.

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