Real World Gardener What Makes A Prizewinning Garden

December 15th, 2017

Feature Interview

Prize Winning Garden in the Large Garden category of Ryde Spring Garden Competition.

Have you ever wonder what makes a prize winning garden?




Recently I was master of ceremonies for the gala awards night for a spring garden competition and boy, there were plenty of prize winning gardens.

However, I was invited to one to take a stroll.

Let’s listen in to the conversation.


PLAY: Anne Johnson's garden winner of Best Large Garden in Ryde Spring Garden competition.


That was Anne Johnsons’ garden which won best large garden in the Ryde Spring Garden competition. Anne is of course an avid gardener.




As you can see from the photos, the garden is really stuffed with plants that are lovingly tended.


Begonia metallica is a standout feature in Anne's garden.

 Begonias are easy care and Anne religiously gives them a hard prune every Autumn to achieve such a magnificent shape of Begonia metallica.

Anne has added personal touches everywhere with whimsical pot features and ornaments.



If you have any questions about Anne’s garden either for me or Anne why not write in to

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