Real World Gardener What it Takes to Be a Rock Star Floral Designer

November 24th, 2016

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I was going to have Tony Mattson from Cut above tools, on the program until I realised that I needed to talk to one of the judges of the Tesselaar rock Star Florist competition.

The art of floristry has come a long way from posies of yesteryear.

Floral Design is the ‘in thing’ or buzz word, where creating anything from simple bouquets to floral chandeliers, to floral head_dresses are the go.

Where can they showcase their stuff?

At a floral competition and today I’m talking to Julie Rose, one of the judges and former competition finalist for 4 years.


This year there are three bona-fide Australian RockStar Florists to judge  the competition as expert judges and mentors:

  • Holly Hipwell from The Flower Drum
  • Melanie Stapleton from Cecilia Fox
  • Julia-rose from Flowers by Julia-rose

These industry superstars will help select finalists and the ultimate winners. They will also then offer their valuable time and expertise to train up our lucky winners.

The way it works is the judges chose their finalists (9 each for a total of 27 finalists), which they have already done, then from 16th -23rd November, the public can vote on, where you, get to select the 3 category winners – then back to the judges who will decide amongst themselves who is to be the overall winner - 2016’s RockStar Florist!

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