Real World Gardener What Is Wrong with My Worm Farm?

March 9th, 2017


What Went Wrong with My Worm Farm?


So you’ve now got a worm farm but you open the lid one morning and there’s a mass of short fat white wriggling things?

Too awful to contemplate so I'm not posting a picture of the maggots.

Instead, here's a photo of the nice worms that you should have in your worm farm.]




You’re of course horrified and think “How did they get there and why? "

So now let’s find out. '

I'm talking with Sophie Goulding, environment project officer with a local council.


You need to get rid of those wriggling things because they’re maggots and they're there because probably you put that dairy or meat product into the worm farm.

Perhaps you did it on purpose knowing that your chooks will really appreciate a feast of protein that those white maggoty things have plenty of.

But if you didn’t, you’re best bet is to remove the maggots and put them into a small bucket.

Leave them to fry in the sun before adding them back to the compost.

If you don't get rid of them they'll get rid of your worms and there goes your worm farm.

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