Real World Gardener What Is A Modern Garden in Design Elements

March 28th, 2019


The Modern Garden Style

Modern garden style is not a new phenomena and is in fact nearly a hundred years old.

The word ‘modern’ gives us the wrong idea because modern is used to describe something that’s recent.

Perhaps the landscapers association or group should consider changing the style that it represents.

Any ideas?

Let’s find out what this style has to offer.

I'm talking with Danielle Collier from Artistic Horticulture.

Perhaps you’ve inherited a modern garden with wide concrete paths and river pebbles in the garden beds.

Most likely though the modern house of post world war II is becoming a thing of the past.

Still the principles of the modern garden are useful, sticking to primary colours and architectural plants. 


In the photo Cycads provide the architectural plants and kangaroo paws add the primary colours.

If you have any questions either for me Danielle why not write in to

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