Real World Gardener What Does An Arborist Really Do?

June 28th, 2018


ManagingTrees: Role of Arborist. Part 1

Trees have a valuable role to play in our immediate environment and also to our native wildlife.

A lot of gardeners really care for their trees when it comes to fertilizing and maintenance but when it comes to tree maintenance such as pruning, it’s not that straight forward.

So you have a tree that needs lopping or even a tree that you want cut down.


photo M Cannon

Who should you call?

Not Jo the lawnmower man or No Name Garden Maintenance.

You need to call a professional, but there is a distinct difference between these tree professionals and you need to know what they are?

This series is about arboriculture and managing trees.

Let’s find out who to call?

I'm talking with Glenice Davie, landscape designer.


People either love or hate trees, but trees have so many positive benefits.

Tree will clear air-they’re the lungs of the planet.

If you have any questions about tree maintenance or have a suggestion why not write in or email me

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