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December 22nd, 2016

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War on Weeds part 1. 

 Physical and Cultural weeding practises.

Why is it that if you have strappy leaved plants in your garden, then grassy weeds colonise that plant just so you don’t notice them?

It’s not until those weeds start showing their seed heads that you realise that there’s a weed growing amongst that clump of daylilies or agapanthus.


Weeds sprouting in your vegetable garden include clover, petty spurge and panic veldt.

Then sometimes you just have to get down to ground level to see how many weeds have infiltrated that garden bed that you thought was thick with plants.

What can we do about them.

Let’s find out I'm talking with Steve Falcioni, general Manager of


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Not only do they look unsightly put the weeds are stealing sunlight, water and nutrients from your precious plants, plus they're harbouring pests.

Often pests overwinter on your weeds ready to jump onto your plants when Spring arrives.

Hand weeds of course is great for small areas but for larger areas, perhaps hoeing or solarisation using black plastic is beneficial.

That old saying of 1 years seed gives 7 years weed holds true.

If you’ve just put away all your garden tools and cleaned up and then notice that clump of onion weed that’s in flower, the best thing to do if you haven’t got time or are just too tired is snap off those flowers.

Stopping the seeds from forming is a good start and the weed will still be there when you next get out into the garden.

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