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November 14th, 2014

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with Karen Smith from

Neomarica sp. Walking Iris.

Fantastic strap leaf plant to use in the garden as a filler, with beautiful, iris-like flower

Plants are what’s called Heterophs because they make their own food.

They need to of course because they can’t walk to the next meal.



Except for this unusual plant that seems to walk.





Technically you could say that the walking iris doesn’t actually walk.

Walking iris really only seems to move because the small plantlets that form at the ends of the flower stalk, grow and weigh down the stalk, bringing it to the ground where it will root.

It also grows and spreads from underground stems or rhizomes.



The Blue Walking Iris is a vigorous growing tropical but surprisingly cold hardy.

Walking iris is clump-forming and its leaves are broad, sword-shaped and pointed at the ends. They grow in flat, fan-like arrangements, as do most members of the Iris family.

The brilliant purple-blue iris flowers are marked with white and burgundy-brown spots and appear in clusters on leafy stems held above the leaves. This species tends to bloom in succession from summer to spring


It does best in filtered light to part shade. The flowers are short lived but replaced with new flowers throughout late Spring. Be careful not to over water.

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