Real World Gardener Vegetable Gardens part 2 in Design Elements

December 22nd, 2016


Style of veggie patches

If you do want to have a dedicated area in the garden for growing your fruit and veg you need to think about actual layout for the planting areas

What are the options? 

Lyn Wood Vegetable Garden Ulverston Tasmania

You can have an in bed system where it is really just grown as you would any garden area or you can do raised beds either by building them up with materials such as timber sleepers or just by mounding the soil up …almost like a burrow and furrow style.

Have we convinced you yet to start a vegetable garden if you haven’t got one?

It might seem like a lot of hard work, but you don’t have to build it yourself.

There’s plenty of pre-packaged vegie beds read for you to install.

But in case you do want to build one, this segment has some tips.

Let’s find out…I'm talking withGlenice Buck, landscape designer and consulting arborist.

PLAY: Vegetable Gardens pt2_14th December_2016

Those treated pinelogs that don’t have arsenic are called ACQ.(alkaline, copper quaternary.) 

Vegie Pod


There’s also “ecowood,” that uses a different treatment method from ACQ and will last the distance too. If you do have CCA treated pine and are worried about the arsenic in the pine, the CSIRO recommends painting the logs both inside and out or line the bed with builders plastic.

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