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October 4th, 2018


Value For Money Cut Flowers


Cut-flowers are a luxury product and consumers demand a certain standard of quality and value for money.

How much would you like to spend on your cut flowers?

$35? $45? Or much more?

If you’re bit on the Scottish side, and moths fly out of your wallet when you open it you might want to consider those flowers that might cost a bit more but will last for up to two weeks in the vase?

Hang on, I think we all want that really don’t we?


Alstromerias and Carnations

But let’s first delve in to what happens between the grower and you the consumer.

Sure there’s roadside stalls where Jo the flower seller can you give you “quality flowers at a cut rate price.”

But how often is Jo there, and he’s growing them in his backyard.

What about the real grower?

This is how the chain goes, grower, then wholesalers, exporters, auctioneers, florists or supermarket buyers and the local shop.

So don’t whinge about the price of cut flowers, got it?

Here are some suggestions for long lasting flowers in the vase.

  • Carnations -2-3 weeks
  • Chrysanthemums-3-4 weeks ( bargain)
  • Astromeria-2 weeks
  • Delphiniums-2 weeks
  • Gladiolus-10 days.

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