Real World Gardener Useful and Beautiful Shrubs in Design Elements

March 30th, 2018


Useful and Beautiful Shrubs

We’re into the shrubbery but we’re not the Knights of Nee, for all those Monty Python fans listening out there.

So last week we outlined the sub-shrubs, in other words those plants that don’t grow too much over a metre, and most likely much less.

This week it’s shrubs that grow much bigger so won’t be at the front of the border.

These shrubs are larger but not more than 4 metres if that.


Rabbit Ears: Ruttya fruiticose photoM Van Der Schiff

Let’s find out what they are.

I'm talking with Peter Nixon, Garden Designer and  Director of

PLAY: Useful & Beautiful Bigger shrubs_21st March 2018


Peter mentioned these shrubs:

Rhinacanthus beesianthus –very luxurious looking, grows quite tall - around 2m or higher - and has large attractive quilted leaves which form a glossy background to other plants in a border.

Its clear white flowers, shaped like scalloped shells, begin to appear in March or April and continue for several months

Ruttya fruiticosa or Rabbit Ears, because the flower is dark red and looks just like a rabbit or from a distance a bit like Sturt Desert Peas.


Dichroa versicolour: photo M. Cannon

Iochroma fuschoides has an upright vase shape, with red trumpet flowers.

Dichroa versicolor - Evergreen Hydrangea is a nice alternative to the regular hydrangea with more like

If you have any questions about sub-shrubs , either for me or for Peter or have some information to share, why not drop us a line to

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