Real World Gardener Updating Your Garden with Foliage in Design Elements

January 27th, 2013

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Design Elements:


with Landscape Designer Louise McDaid

Updating your garden with foliage:

Do flowers play the starring role
in your garden, while the greenery gets relegated to backstage?
The greenery, or foliage if you
like, are the mainstay of gardens and garden design because they’re there all
year when the flowers fade.
Think of the delicate fronds of
ferns or the fountain like effects of many types of ornamental grasses. The
leaves of these plants don’t just serve as a lovely background for flowers,
because they have their own attraction. There are some really beautiful
foliaged plants that could be used as a dominant feature alongside your
flowers. Remember, foliage will carry your garden through all seasons, long
after the flowers have faded away.
If doesn’t hurt the pocket to
update your garden in this series, because we’re not doing the crazy make-over.

There should be plenty of ideas to
get you thinking about updating the foliage in your garden.

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