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July 28th, 2016

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Would you like a garden make-over but think, Nah, it’s too costly?

There are other ways of making over your garden without all that expense that you see on those televised garden renovation shows every week.

Over the next few weeks, Design Elements will explain different ways of updating your garden without all that expense, sweat and hard labour.

Flowers to update your garden. Photo M.Cannon

We’ll cover updating your garden in many different ways, including using existing plants, colour and shape of plants, and easy make-overs.

Today, we’re starting with updating your garden using flower colour.

I'm talking with was Louise McDaid  Landscape Designer.

Heliotrope arborescens; Cherry Pie. photo M Cannon

One of the great things about plants is the huge variety of colours available – both in their leaves, their flowers and their berries or fruit.

Flower: the blooming of flowers brings joy to the garden and seasonality through different flowering times.

As an example, take Perennials

Oriental lily, asiatic lily, hosta, Peruvian lily (alstroemeria), pink butterflies (gaura), statice (limonium), Christmas bells, gerbera, scabious (scabiosa), Mona lavender (plectranthus).

There should be plenty of ideas to get you started even if you’re a beginner gardener, and some tips for those of you who’ve been doing it for a while.

Plus there’s so many new flower cultivars coming out each season to tempt you.

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