Real World Gardener Update Your Garden With Different Shapes of Plants in Design Elements

August 19th, 2016

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Updating Your Garden with Different Shaped Plants.

Have you updated the flower colour in your garden yet?  Or are you considering putting in some grasses, or strappy leaved plants with coloured foliage?

Are you thinking about moving some plants for a fresh new look?


Here’s something you mightn’t know or realise, and that is: a single species can have different leaf shapes over the life of the plant.

In fact, some can have different leaf shapes on the plant at the same time.

Mt Tomah Botanic Garden photo M Cannon

For example, gum trees have different adult and juvenile foliage. That’s complicated enough, but what about the shape of the plant itself?

Good garden design takes the shapes of plants into account.

Did you know that you can update your plants using just the shape of the plant?

What does that mean?

 Let’s find out….I'm talking with Garden Designer Louise McDaid.

Blenheim Palace garden, England. photo M Cannon

As Louise said, if one of your garden beds could look a bit better, think about introducing a different shaped plant, one with perhaps a vertical shape, like the ornamental pear, or a lollipop on a stick.P

erhaps a fountain shaped plant will fit the bill, like a weeping grass with stripey foliage- such as variegated Miscanthus.

Lots to ponder when thinking about updating your garden.

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