Real World Gardener Tying Garden Design with Ecosystem

August 11th, 2013

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Design Elements

with Louise McDaid

So you’ve cut out spraying with chemicals, you’re growing bird friendly plants, but what else can you do to make sure your garden is a haven for all sorts of wildlife? Let’s find out…

The key points were to seek out local plants and incorporate them into your garden somewhere.

Louise also mentioned that sometimes the local plants don’t always have great flowers, but you put them in with other natives or even exotics and build up a plant base that encourages biodiversity.

That way, you’re attracting good bugs, birds and reptiles into your garden that do some of the hard work in the garden for you.

Can’t have enough of those good bugs I say.
There’s a new product out, by the way, that’s not only a horticultural oil, but contains a good bug attractant which the company calls HIPPO.

Look out for it next time you go shopping if you have a pest outbreak.

It’s good because it’s organic.

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