Real World Gardener Tulips for Everyone in Talking Flowers

September 7th, 2017




Today a new segment starts and it’s all about flowers.

Not growing flowers, but cut flowers.



How good are you at floral arrangements?

Gardeners are often good at growing the flowers but not so good and floral arrangements.

Flower arranging is a skill that requires a good eye but most all it requires knowledge about how to treat the flowers in the first place.

It’s not easy for some but others just seem to know how to treat each flower. 

This series is all about how to cut the flower stem, how much water to put in the vase for different flower species, and how to look after those cut flowers in the vase.

So let’s kick off this new series by introducing the Managing Director of Flower by Mercedes with Mercedes Sarmini who has been in the floristry industry for 18 years.

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