Real World Gardener Tropical Look for Outdoor Dining in Design Elements

April 26th, 2016

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In a lot of places in Australia, the days have begun to be cool down, so thinking of tropical plants for an area in the garden suddenly has become quite appealing.

Even if you live in an arid zone or cool temperate area, you can still achieve that tropical look with plants that grow well in your local district.

Paradisus Gardens photo Peter Nixon

Knowing how to arrange them is the key to achieving that tropical look, and around the entertainment area, it might be de rigour.

Choose a dining setting that suits your lifestyle; perhaps a daybed? For the tropical look think of Wicker, Bamboo or Teak furniture fits into the Tropical theme.

The whole garden doesn’t have to be tropical.

You can use bold leaves and different types of foliage colour in any climate.

Create some shade with tall palms, such as Gold Cane or Lipstick Palm. For taller palms, try Bangalow or Kentia Palms.

Paradisus Gardens photo Peter Nixon

For the mid level think of Gingers, Cordylines, Canna lilies, Hibiscus and Birds of Paradise are some of the types of plants that you can choose from.

For the lowest level, pick from Bromeliads, ferns, and Calathea.

If you live in a cooler  or arid area, you might have a tropical theme within your garden style.

Somewhere in your garden where you like to sit and read or think, you can add a tropical touch here and there, with plants that are suited to the climate you live in.

There is a microclimate that suits those plants that were mentioned. You get the idea.


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