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November 30th, 2012

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Design Elements

 with Louise McDaid, Landscape Designer

Rainforests are found throughout the world, not only in tropical regions, but also in temperate regions like Tasmania
and mountainous regions in Victoria and New South Wales.

Montane rainforests are like tropical gardens in cool temperate areas, so it’s not such a stretch to
consider planting or designing with the tropical look.

Montane rainforests have quite a lot of year-round rainfall, are mostly above 1,000 metres and mostly have a
canopy layer but don’t have the year-round warmth and sunlight associated with
tropical rainforests

I always say that it’s important to remember that windbreaks and creating microclimates will help establish large leaved plants that might not thrive or do that well to start off with. But with a bit of planning, I’m sure you can get that tropical look for your mountain garden.
Close planting is the key, and layering.L
et's find out more....

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