Real World Gardener Tree Preservation in part 4 in Design Elements

December 14th, 2015


Today is the final in the series about the stewardship of trees.
On the menu is why we need to preserve our trees because in the long run, if you damage trees, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice.

Trees will take years to grow but can be injured or killed in a very short time. It's usually not possible to repair trees injured or stressed through construction damage.

Trees in the landscape

Not only that, severing roots close to the stem can cause instability.

Trees have a structural root zone

Listen to the podcast to find why we need to preserve trees.
Talking with Glenice Buck Consultant Arborist of

Using a formula set out in the Australian Standard 4970-2009, Protection of Trees on Development Sites, the Tree Protection Zone and Structural Root Zone of a tree can be calculated.
Did you know that three trees placed strategically around a single-family home can cut summer air conditioning needs by up to 50 percent?
Shade from trees slows water evaporation from thirsty lawns. Most newly planted trees need only 55 litres of water a week. 
As trees transpire, they increase atmospheric moisture.

If you have any questions about tree maintenance or have some information you’d like to share, why not email or write in to 2RRR P.O. Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675.

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