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July 19th, 2013

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 Design Elements

with Landscape designer, Louise McDaid
 I have a friend who for years has been trying to get the pink blue and white hyacinths to flower at the same time.
Each year she buys these bulbs and has attempted to plant them in pots at different times. But no, with repetitive stubbornness, these Hyacinths just refuse to comply, as if obeying some other higher order.
So what do you need to do to get other flowers to open at when you want them too? Here’s a bit of a hint….
I never can get my blue flowers to open up at the same time as the yellow flowers in the front garden. So to beat this conundrum, I’ve planted bushes with yellow foliage like Abelia, Frances Mason, and variegated Buxus to name a couple.
If you want a white garden, there’s plenty of plants with white in the leaves, that you could add. Then you need to pick something from each season that has a white flower whether annual or perennial, it doesn’t matter.
It could also be a tree like the Handkerchief tree, which is much admired in English gardens, but grows equally well in Australia.
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