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February 27th, 2016

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Do you have all the tools you need to do those cutting jobs in the garden?

Secateurs are good for small pruning jobs where you can cut stems and branches about the size of your first finger.

Generally if it's green it cuts more easily than hardened branches sometimes found lower down on shrubs and hedges.

Cut and Hold pruners. Photo. Cut Above Tools

For the harder stems you might need to reach for something bigger.
Or are you struggling with some old secateurs and a rusty pair of garden loppers?
Don’t know what loppers are?
Let’s find out about what tools you should be using for those pruning jobs in the garden. I'm talking with Tony Mattson, General Manager of

Some long handled pruners use the "cut and hold," method. They're about 3 metres long when extended and have a trigger. The beauty of "cut and hold" loppers is that once you've pruned it, you can bring the pruned branch down.

Well used garden tool selection.

Good for tops of Camellias or getting the fruit of mango and avocado trees.
The best tip is to hold the pruning tool that you’re thinking of buying for at least a minute to see if you can stand the weight.
This is a good idea because when you’re pruning your garden shrubs, hedges roses or whatever, you’ll be out there for a lot longer than a minute or two.
So if you think that long handled lopper is too heavy for you, don’t get the tool.
If you have any questions about the right tool for the right job, drop us a line to or write in to 2RRR PO Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675

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