Real World Gardener The Design Process part 2 Analaysis

April 12th, 2015

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with landscape designer Glenice Buck

If you were asked to analyse the site of your garden where would you start?

Would you simply make a list of all the greenery, or would you include the rocks, paths, and any ponds or ornaments?

Analysing your site photo M Cannon

 What about a site survey indicating the lay of the land, actual size of your block? Would you include that?

Without asking anymore questions

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

An inventory and analysis of your yard is important for making design decisions and developing the best design for you.

photo M Cannon

The difference between an inventory and an analysis, is that the inventory is simply a list of all existing conditions, like plants, paths, ornaments etc, and the analysis is a judgment about the condition plus what you would like to achieve in your desired design.

In an analysis, natural features of the site are recorded such as soil type, sun exposure, climate, wind conditions, existing plants, slope, and elevation or grade changes.

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