Real World Gardener Talks with Australian Organic CEO

June 16th, 2020


Australians are turning to organic products more and more but how can we be sure they are 100% organic other than perhaps the price difference.?


  • Australian Organic is the leading industry body responsible for ensuring organic standards in Australia remain in the hands of the industry. It represents organic products and retailers, and ensures products are authentically organic through its certified bud logo.AOL_Primary_Logo_CMYK%2BJUNE%2B2020%2BHi
I'm talking with Niki Ford, CEO of leading industry body Australian Organic
Let’s find out … 

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Did you know?

  • Australian demand for certified organic products is skyrocketing with $1.93 billion dollars generated in domestic sales for 2018 across a wide range of products. The figure is up $256 million from domestic sales of $1.67 billion for 2017 with the total Australian organic industry now worth $2.6 billion and growing year on year.

Niki mentioned the value and ethics of organic products and the importance of certification standards. 
It pays to read the label, but Australia should get in line with the rest of the world in adhering to better labelling for organic products in the global market, so that consumers when they buy organic, are assured that it truly is organic.. 

  • The body that owns Australia’s most respected and recognised organic logo, Biological Farmers of Australia, or BFA, has changed its name to Australian Organic.
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