Real World Gardener Starting a Garden From Scratch Series part 3

May 22nd, 2015

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with garden designer Peter Nixon

Starting from scratch garden series part 3 - Playing with plants

This series is all about starting a garden from scratch, in which case you now had done battle with the lawn or with a mass of weeds.

Alright now that you’ve decided to do something with that bare patch of lawn, you drawn a plan of the layout.

The next thing is think about what plants you might want to put into those beds.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to put off getting your first vegetables, herbs and other plants into the ground. 

Planting is fun

If you just start your garden with no substantial forethought, you’ll only end up wishing you had taken the time to really think out a few things. 

It’s  important to really consider what plants will work in your layout and purpose of your garden. 


Once you start digging your beds and establishing your paths, you won’t want to start over when you realize it would have been better if you’d just did it that other way.

For example if you want to grow veggies then long straight raised beds about a metre wide are easier to work with.

You’ll want your paths at least 1 ½ metres  wide so you can use a wheelbarrow or bucket or even just drag the hose around without creating havoc. 

Planting out your garden

Draw a basic overhead view and pencil in where you think things might go.

But if you're wanting a flower garden of some sort and if you’ve never had your own garden before, chances are you will be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of variety in the plant world.

Take your time, don’t just buy the plants that are available at your garden centre.

There are garden clubs and plant societies that hold annual plant shows.

These may have a whole lot of different and less available plants that you might like.

Not to mention garden catalogs.

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