Real World Gardener Starting A Garden from Scratch part 2

May 17th, 2015

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Starting your garden from scratch part 2- No Dig Gardening

with landscape designer Peter Nixon.

This series is all about starting a garden from scratch, in which case you might have to do battle with the lawn or with a mass of weeds.

But even before that you need to know your soil..

When plants aren't growing properly after you've supplied them with the correct amount of sunlight and water, and when you've ruled out pests, then the problem usually lies underground. But there are other ways to start a garden.

Raised garden beds in background.

then you're faced with that bare patch of lawn that you want to convert into a garden.

Here is the no dig method a la Peter Nixon.

First lay down some cardboard sheets of the area you want to convert to a garden.

this should stop the lawn for growing because you are blocking out the sun.

Next pile on many cubic metres of compost and cow manure.

Then let it settle for about 3 months!

 If you’re battling a weedy patch in the garden, perhaps where there was lawn that was infested with weeds.

Find out what those weeds are so you can  work out the best way to get rid of them without wasting money on chemicals that you mighn’t need.

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