Real World Gardener Sping Pruning on Design Elements

September 15th, 2014

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Spring Pruning with landscape designer Jason Cornish


Buxus hedge

It seems like every time the weather warms up, gardeners and non-gardeners start jumping around the garden and pruning everything in sight willy nilly.<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" />

What’s going on with that?

Sure some of the garden needs to be pruned but are you sure you’re pruning the right shrub the right way at the right time of year?

Not all plants do well with a top and tail or short back and sides.

Pruning a buxus hedge is pretty straightforward and yes, this one's definitely one for the short back and sides, or clipping to any shape you like.


On the other hand, have you even got a tree, or shrub that you said’ never seen that ever flower?


Well there may be a good reason for that and it’s got nothing to do with soil, fertilising or watering.

Knowing what plant you've got can be tricky if you've moved into a home with an established garden.

The best thing is to find out what through your local garden centre or nursery.

Second to that, find out when it's flowering season is and commence pruning after that.

Sounds logical but sometimes gets overlooked in the rush to tidy up the garden for Spring.







Unlike Europe where you see Spiraea or May bushes growing everywhere by the roadside, maybe here in Australia we’re not growing too many May bushes anymore.


I could be wrong, and it would be a pity if it were true, because they have lovely flowers.


But short back and sides for this type of plant isn’t the right way to prune it.


Spiraeas, are a vase shaped plant that needs old canes pruned back to the ground to allow new canes to push through. these can ne headed by a 10% after flowering finishes in Spring.

If you missed the details email or write in and I send you a fact sheet


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