Real World Gardener Spice It Up with Oregano

February 12th, 2014

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with Ian Hemphill
Did you know that the ancient Greeks made poultices from the leaves of oregano and used them to treat sores and aching muscles?
What’s more,  traditional Chinese doctors have used oregano for centuries to relieve fever, vomiting, jaundice and itchy skin.
To this day, in Europe, the herb is still used to improve digestion and soothe coughs.
So what else do you do with it other than grow it in the herb garden?

So in medieval kitchens they had dried herbs hanging up around the stove, but not for decoration, but to use in their cooking.
A most versatile herb it almost goes with anything.
Instead of garlic breath, spread some oregano, dried or fresh and make herb bread or herb butter instead using oregano.
Oregano of course goes with strong flavoured rich or fatty meats and carbohydrates,

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