Real World Gardener So You Think You Need a Landscaper part 2 in Design Elements

December 22nd, 2019


So You Think You Need A Landscaper part 2

You may have seen two- dimensional garden designs and wanted something similar for your garden, but is that kind of thing totally necessary?

Could a free hand sketch be just as good as long as it was to scale?

Let’s find out.

I'm talking with Peter Nixon Project manager and landscape designer for Paradisus garden design.

Peter advises to choose a landscape or garden designer that provides availability lists and photos of the plants that are in the design.

To many people, plant names, whether common or scientific, just don't mean

But, if they are provided with a photo of what the plant can look like in a particular situation, say a screening hedge of Magnolia grandiflora St Mary's, then they will have a better idea.

If you want more than just new garden beds and new plants, you may just want a garden designer.

But if you want more doing than just plants, you’ll need project manager who is also a garden or landscape designer.

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