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October 12th, 2018


Shorter Lasting Flowers for the Vase:

True love may last forever, but flowers do not. Some flowers only last a day. But what a day!

Some flowers do alright in the garden, but not so good in the vase.

So which ones are they?

 Short vase life, anything less than 7 days.

Daylilies make the top of my list. Not true lilies because they belong in the Hemerocallis family.

Each flower only lasts 1 day like its name says but they come in all colours of the rainbow. In fact there used to be a daylily farm called Rainbow Ridge.

 Hibiscus flowers only last 1 day, but in temperate climates they flower for at least 6 months of the year. Longer in warmer climates.

The hardy hibiscus bush can produce up to a hundred flowers in a season. Hibiscus%2Bflower.jpg

Evening Primrose-flowers that open in the evening and close again the next morning. If it’s cloudy though, the flowers will stay open. They just don’t like opening for the sun.

Queen of the night.-member of the cactus family, you’ll have to stay up late to watch this one flower. Also known as night flowering cereus.

Desert plants and cacti can have gorgeous, sometimes also fragrant, flowers which last less than a day.

Bearded Iris-only flower for a few weeks then are gone until next season can also be cut for the vase. Will last 4-5 days..

Iceland Poppies have a short vase life of 4-5 days.

Cosmos also 4-5 days. Pick them when they’re not 100% open.

Things you need to do to keep the flowers longer in the vase.

Change the water every two or three days, making fresh stem cuts and adding more floral preserver. Never use tap water, only filtered water.

With roses, avoid fully opened blooms, but also pass on stems with tight buds. Roses harvested too early will not last as long as those that have been cut later.

And remember, true love may last forever, but flowers do not. “It’s OK for flowers to die,” Miller said.

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