Real World Gardener Silver Shield in Plant of The Week

September 22nd, 2019


Plectranthus argentatus: Silver Shield

This week we have a native plant that has velvety leaves, sage green foliage and blue flowers.

It’s in the mint family, so it’s got square stems.

I’m not sure why some people think that only exotics come from the mint family.

Australia has quite a few members that fit into this category.

Let’s find out what’s good about this one.I'm speaking with new contributor, Adrian O’Malley, horticulturist and native plant expert.

  • “Plectranthus” is a combination of 2 Greek words that mean “spur” (plectron) and “flower” (anthos).
  • Argentatus is Latin for silver.

Plectranthus argentatus or Silver Shield prefers partial shade but will grow in full sun as long as the soil’s not too poor.



Can also grow in full shade and tolerate light frosts, that’s down to -2 C.

Excellent in dry shade.

The best spot for it though is in well drained soil near trees, also a great plant for containers.

If you have any questions for me or for Adrian or would like some seeds of the Snow Wood tree, please write in to

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