Real World Gardener Shade for Outside Dining in Design Elements

March 18th, 2016

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Shade for Outdoor dining.

This garden series with Garden Designer Peter Nixon, is all about garden challenges thrown at us mostly by nature but also due to a situation in your garden that you might need to fix.

So far we’ve been covering hail damage, but will also cover sun scorch, garden loopers, and today’s garden challenge is about you and your friend or family are sitting around the outdoor dining table and then everyone runs indoors because there’s no shade.

Or you might have a fabulous perennial garden with a seating area, but where's the shade?


Shade for Outdoor Dining Needed photo M Cannon

So what can you do? Let’s find out. I'm talking with Peter Nixon, garden designer.

You could go for the pergola with the ubiquitous Wisteria growing over it.

Or you could make yourself a shade hut or a dining canopy.

What you could make yourself is a shade hut or a dining canopy.

For example Peter suggests that you could have 4 galvanised steel posts, 3 1/2 metres apart and over the top of that you could put a canopy such as Nature Reed.

Or if you want a pergola, grow a deciduous climber on it that will drop it’s leaves in winter so that you can enjoy some winter sun.

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