Real World Gardener Sense of Smell in 5 Senses Gardening

September 27th, 2018


Five Senses Gardening: Smell or is it Perfume?

As gardeners you’ll already now that some plants have flowers that have smell or perfume, and some plants have leaves that have smell or perfume.

But if you want a really perfumed garden, you might want to think about including plants in the garden that you don’t necessarily need to crush, rub or touch to inhale their sweet perfume.

What does that mean you should do?

Let’s find out.

I'm talking with Chris Poulton, Sydney Convenor for the Australian Institute of Horticulture and an experienced horticultural lecturer and consultant.


Magnolia Champaca


Some suggestions for introducing more perfume into the garden that will pervade the whole garden.

  • Sweet Olive, (Osmanthus fragrans), 
  • Honeysuckle, 
  • Jasmines, 
  • Angel Trumpets, 
  • Michelia varieties, (now included in the Magnolia family) like Port Wine Magnolia; Magnolia Chamopaca, and many others.

All of these plants just throw their scent out into the garden without you having to lift a finger.

If you have any questions about five senses gardening or have a suggestion either for me or for Chris why not write in or email me at  

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