Real World Gardener Sea Urchin Hakea in Plant of the Week

November 29th, 2019


Hakea petiolaris; Sea Urchin  Hakea

There are many reasons to like a particular plant which affects our choices.

For some it’s the flowers or the perfume, for others it’s the colour of the leaves.

But for something completely different, others like a plant because of the sound the wind makes through the leaves of that particular plant.


Hakea petiolaris flower

So what will appeal with this plant?

I'm talking with Adrian O’Malley, horticulturist and native plant expert.

Let’s find out.


For grey leaves, and spectacular flowers, the hakea is something to think about if you want a native small tree.

Medium tree 5 to 11 m high. Leaves are pale grey, broadly  obovate in shape and range from 5-15cm long by 2.3-6cm wide. 

Endemic to the south west of Australia, occurring at the coastal plain, jarrah forest and wheatbelt regions, often at the ancient granite outcrops of Western Australia. 

The only thing to watch for is high humidity can make them short lived.

Still, if you collect the seeds, then grow some more from seed and you’ll have another tree quite quickly.


If you have any questions for me or for Adrian, please contact us or write in.

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