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November 9th, 2016

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Scented Trees for your Garden

Earlier this year Garden Designer Peter Nixon started a series on scent for your garden.

We now take it up again with small trees to suit any size garden, but trees with some sort of scent.


Brugmansia sp.-Angel's Trumpet

Perfume adds that extra sensory dimension to gardens and some of the trees only turn on their perfume in the evening.

How mysterious is that?

Let’s find out more about them.

I'm talking with Peter Nixon, garden designer and project Manager of Paradisus Garden Design.

Sometimes, the first indication that you have that a plant is flowering is from the drifting perfume.H


Gardenia thunbergia

Peter mentioned the following trees:

Small Trees:
Brugmansia candida, versicolor, alba, suavaolens Plumeria acuminata, pudica, bahamiensis, obtusa, rubra,
P. caracasana ‘Angel of Love’
Plumeria caracasana x P. obtusa ‘Annie Prowse’ - Stephen Prowse at Sacred Frangipani
Pachypodium lamerii Gardenia thunbergia
Large Trees
Magnolia grandiflora ‘Kaye Paris’, ‘Teddy Bear’, St. Marys’, Exmouth, Michellia alba, maudiae, champaca,
How much nicer to inhale the luscious waves of sweet smelling flowers than the exhaust fumes from our big cities.
Summertime should include the sweet scent of flowers, freshly mown grass or even that undefinable smell of a garden having just been watered.

Don’t hold back, plant more scent in your garden.

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