Real World Gardener Scented Climbing Schrubs in Design Elements

September 21st, 2016

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A couple of weeks ago we started a new series on scented plants for your garden.

So many plants are lovely, with beautiful blooms, but only a smaller section of these also include a wonderful fragrance.


Japanese Needle Flower

When it comes to shrubs you probably know Gardenias, Lavender,  and last week we talked about Jasmine, and of course there’s that ubiquitous Murraya that everyone seems to have.What about something different, something surprising.

Let’s find out more. I'm talking with Landscape Designer Peter Nixon.Don’t miss out on planting scent in your garden.

Peter mentioned the old fashioned Rondeletia that belongs to the shrubbery of old.

.Quite tall but with wonderful scent and much less trouble than Gardenia.


Radermachera "Summer Scent."

For those looking for an alternative to the cloying scent of Murraya paniculata or Orange Jessamine, choose the Japanese Needle Flower or Posequeria longiflora which is very tough and eventually grows to 3 metres. However it can be pruned to much less than this.

There was also Radermachera "Summer Scent." This is a low alternative to Murraya.

Why not grow some or all of these plants so that you can turn your garden in to a perfumed paradise all year round.

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