Real World Gardener Scented Climbing Plants part 1 in Design Elements

August 26th, 2016

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How many gardeners do you know of that don’t like perfume or scent in the garden?

Hopefully, those of you listening to this program like scented plants because scent adds an extra dimension to a garden, turning it into a place where you linger, indulging your senses rather than rushing through to the front door or garden shed.

Stephanotis floribunda: scented climber photo M Cannon

Let’s continue this new series on scented plants for the garden with part 12of scented climbing plants.

I'm talking with Landscape Designer Peter Nixon.

With the wide range of temperatures in Australia, there are a huge variety of fragrant plants that can be grown.

Chenomorpha fragrans: Climbing Frangipani photo M CAnnon


Many flower during the colder months so that even when there’s not much colour in the garden you can still have plenty of fragrance.Use plants that flower in different seasons to turn your garden into a perfumed paradise all year round.



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