Real World Gardener Scented Climbing Plants part 2 in Design Elements

September 4th, 2016

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Scented Climbing Plants part 2

Hoya pubicalyx "Shooting Star."

Last week in this new series of scented plants we started with those climbing plants with scent.

But there was so much to say, that we had to make another part.
Let’s find out more. I'm talking with Landscape Designer Peter Nixon.

Some of the plants Peter mentioned are Hoya carnose, the Hoya that most people know.

There is also Hoya pubicalyx "Red Buttons,' Hoya bella, Hoya multiflora "Shooting Star:, which as a gum leaf shaped leaf.


Akebia quinata
Hoya multiflora


For cooler climates Peter mentioned Akebia quinata or Five Leaved Chocolate Vine.

All are good for container planting in a warm temperate climate down to 3 degress Centrigrade.

Of course other segments in the series on scented plants will be about scented shrubs, scented trees , scented bulbs, roses, scented leaves, and even a cool temperate segment. 

All of these plants so that you can turn your garden in to a perfumed paradise all year round.


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