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September 9th, 2016

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A couple of weeks ago we started a new series on scented plants for your garden.
So many plants are lovely, with beautiful blooms, but only a smaller section of these also include a wonderful fragrance.

Fill Your Garden With Scented Bulbs photo M Cannon

When it comes to bulbs you probably know hyacinths and peonies and paperwhites as fragrant choices - but did you know there are bearded iris, daffodils, hostas and even tulip varieties with a luscious scent?

Let’s find out more. I'm talking with Landscape Designer Peter Nixon.

Some of the scented bulbs Peter mentioned are-

Polianthes tuberosa - Tuberoses


Eucharist amazonica - Eucharist Lily

Amorphophallus riviera Konjac - Voo Doo Lily

Crinum x powelii

Hymenocalis literalis, speciosa, caribaea

So many gardens are planted without a thought to scent – perhaps because there has been such a shift to perennials, which are the least-scented group of plants.
They’re missing the third dimension – fragrance puts the whole garden onto another level.
Why not grow all of these plants so that you can turn your garden in to a perfumed paradise all year round.


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