Real World Gardener Say it With Red Flowers in Talking Flowers

March 5th, 2020


All Flowers that are red

In the studio, we held the flowers of Tiger Bay dahlia, Red Pierre rose, red geraniums, red gladioli, buds of flowering gum and a leucodendron.

For all flowers that arise from tubers, cut the stems flush across the bottom. Mercedes calls these :male' flowers. Not to be confused with the male parts of flowers or male flowers on cucurbits.

This is simply a term to distinguish how to treat the stems of cut flowers.

Tip: Gladioli needs the top few cms removed so that the blooms sit up straight.

  • List of red flowers available as cut flowers in February.

China aster, bouvardia, dahlia, gerbera, nerine, roses, water lily.

The colour red increases your heart rate and appetite, but is also a symbol of passion.

  • Trees that have red flowers in February: Stenocarpus sinuatus: Firewheel tree. (pictured.)


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