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December 21st, 2014

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with Hort Journal Magazine editor Karen Smith

Sometimes there’s a species or group of plants that have something going for them all year round.

Not necessarily the same plant, but if you pick the right ones from this group, you’ll have something in flower in every season.

The cultivars have names like Black Knight and Purple Majesty, ripe Raspberry and Mulberry Jam, and even Romantic Rose

Is your mouth watering?


A mix of salvias, roses, and perennials in the cottage garden of Coriole. photo M Cannon

There’s books written about them, societies, clubs and study groups dedicated to Salvias.

They come in a variety of colours and are generally pretty hardy to all climates around Australia.

Salvias are a large group of garden plants that includes annuals, biennials, perennials, and shrubs.

The perennial salvias brighten up a midsummer garden border. Another common name is sage.

 A relative of the familiar kitchen sage, flowering salvias produce spikes of small, densely packed flowers on sometimes but not always aromatic foliage.

These plants are drought and heat tolerant that can flower from early to late summer in shades of blue, violet, red, pink, salmon and white. The colour variations are endless-the only colour you can't get is yellow.

Plants grow from 30cm to 2 metres tall, depending on the variety.

Use care when choosing salvias, because not all plants are hardy in all regions.

Why not pick a season when you’re garden’s looking a bit bare of colour and pick out from these plants, the colour that you want.


There’s even Salvias that will grow in pots like the orange flowered salvia that Karen mentioned but couldn’t remember. The name is Heatwave Glow, a compact small shrub.




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