Real World Gardener Redefines the No Flower Garden

January 3rd, 2013

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What about calling those "gardeners" that don't want a nice garden or continually complain about mess from falling leaves, "anti-gardeners?'

Design Elements

Redefine the concept of no flower
garden?…Perhaps you have a friend like I do, that actually doesn't like the look of flowers in the garden.

Or do you think flowers are
over-rated in gardens? Perhaps even you think, the flowers are so fleeting that
they’re not worth the trouble?

You probably spend all heaps of
time preparing those flower beds and then, the wind or rain, spoil it all, does
that happen to you?

Maybe you can find some tips in
the no flower garden…

I hope that’s given you some idea if
you’re tired of your flower display being spoiled by inclement weather and want
a change that still adds colour interest to your garden.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t add
some flowers later.


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