Real World Gardener Re-Working a Garden in rural NSW in Design Elements

July 17th, 2015

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talking with Glenice Buck


Today starts a new 4 part series on re-designing a garden.

The setting is rural on a farm property, but within that property, a garden is created around the house.

"Berkshire" photo Glenice Buck

Over the next 4 weeks, you’ll be taken on a journey from the initial assessment of the site, the design process and planning, then the planting.

Even though your garden may not be as big, there’s some aspects of this project that you can borrow.

It may be the layout of the front garden or the plants that are selected, or even considerations of what to do with the slope of the land.

Did you know that in colonial times, farmers would plant 2 Bunya pines at the front of their property as "way finders?"

 Bunya pines grow very tall, so that looking from a vantage point from a long distance, the stockmen or farmers, could find their way back to their own homestead.

Of course back then, there probably was quite a lot more native vegetation and no roads like we have today.

 Or maybe it’s just an interesting insight to how your go about developing a 5 acre garden.




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